Teaching observations

Teaching observations

70% of module assessment weighting

Part A

Formative assignment task (30% weighting for the module)

5 teaching observations

  • 2 to be completed as observer of colleagues’ teaching sessions
  • 2 to be your sessions observed by colleagues (one of these by MA Ed tutors)
  • 1 either as observer or observee

Each observation to be evidenced by a observation notes demonstrating depth of reflection and discourse about teaching and learning (approx 1000 words each).

There is a standard peer/teaching observation form available on LearningSpace, though you may create your own template for recording your observation events.


Part B

Summative assignment task (40% weighting for the module) 

Having completed the five required teaching observations, provide a summary report of the peer observations as ethnographic research. You may link this to your own research themes identified through PGDipHE course.

Your summary report may include:

  • Your understanding of ethnographic research
  • Exploration of teaching observation as a model for teaching development and collegial sharing of teaching practices.
  • Reflection on your own experiences and contexts of teaching observation
  • The implications teaching observations on development of your own practice
  • Consideration of your teaching observations with particular reference to aspects of the UK Professional Standards Framework


2000 words or equivalent.


Submission deadline: To be completed and uploaded to LearningSpace by midday on 31st July 2014


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