Emotions and teaching

I’ve been revisiting a book that I’ve previously looked at by Andy Hargreaves called Learning to Change. The book itself is aimed around school reform and in particular how teachers are supported in the change process. Themes of emotional understanding and misunderstanding have kept cropping up when looking at supporting change and it’s pointed me in the direction of some other works by Hargreaves; “Educational change takes ages: Life, career and generational factors in teachers’ emotional responses to educational change” and “The emotional politics of teaching and teacher development: with implications for educational leadership”.

A book also by Hargreaves which looks like it could also be of great interest is titled: Teaching in the Knowledge Society although this isn’t a book I see myself using as part of my current project.

I’m quite an advocate of facilitative support within my role and so I feel these articles will really help identify other factors when thinking of academic support in changing environments. I’m still finding it quite difficult to narrow down the ever broadening area of research this project is presenting so hoping that things will start linking and slotting into place soon!