Horizon Report 2013


This month the 10th Annual edition of the NMC Horizon report was published. The report describes findings from the NMC Horizon project, which aims to identify new trends in technology, innovation and higher education. Emerging technologies are presented across three adoption horizons over the next one to five years.

This years key technologies are:

The next 12 months (near-term technology); Tablet computing & MOOCs

The next 2 – 3 years (mid-term technology); Gaming & gamification, learning analytics

The next 4 -5 years (far-term technology); 3D printing & wearable technology

A summary of the report can be found in the video below.

What I did find interesting, and what I have looked at before is the notion of Learning analytics. This is something already being utilised in Higher Education at the moment, for example the OU have already been using learning analytics within some of their Moodle modules. Learning analytics allows content to be personalised to the learner based on past results, speed of clicks, completion of tasks etc. As the report points out a good way to relate to learning analytics is to think of the way in which advertisements online are tailored to the individual as the user, the aim would be for the learning materials / activities to relate to the user in an educational context.

Since working within learning technology I have read the annual Horizon report, it’s a great resource for trends and tools being utilised within education. This years results aren’t that surprising, especially in relation to near-term technology, it renforces the need for developing and designing for tablet & mobile users. A survey in 2012 identified that tablet ownership had more than tripled during the year, a number only set to increase. So in terms of what can be achieved at the moment, inclusion of these devices in relation to learning material is of great relevance.