Totally Tactile

I’ve always been a firm believer that lectures, seminars and taught sessions should be tactile. My background before educational technology involved teaching students complex pieces of hardware which usually required individuals to interact with tangible objects to further their understanding.

Personally I feel physically handling objects and investigating how something works keeps students interested. Students comes to sessions wanting to learn about a piece of equipment, seems only fair that they should have a chance to pick up said equipment, explore and examine.


I like to think that the same approach can be taken with software within Educational Technology. I’ll only give sessions in a computer suite where individuals are able to recreate whats being demonstrated. If I see someone on a one to one basis I’ll insist that they use their computer.

I’m proud to say I’m not a mouse stealer when it comes to software instruction! This has been particularly hard now I’m in more of a service based role. The majority of individuals I teach come with a need; something needs to be fixed, there is a problem. The instinct is to hand the mouse over, have it fixed. I’m passionate about individuals solving there own problems, and solving them kinetically. The mouse doesn’t bite and most of the time problems are a lot simpler to solve than you think.