ALT Survey – Further Reading

After a supervisor meeting a few weeks ago I was recommended this document to look over. I had come across the ALT survey on the effective use of learning technology in education when it had first been published last Summer, but have to admit that I hadn’t put it on the pile of resources to consider for my study, ironic really given how much it relates to the research I’m doing. Sometime’s it does really pay to have someone outside of your project as they can see an overview of what you’re doing and point you to some really useful articles that come in handy. That’s some more reading sorted for this week!

Talking of ALT I also found out that I’ve been accepted to present a paper at this years conference, this will be the second time I’ve presented and I’m really looking forward to it. ALTc is a really informative conference for those in educational technology, the twitter stream is always really active and is well worth keeping an eye on if you’re unable to attend the event in person.


All I want for Christmas….


Santa’s been really kind this year and presented a box folder packed full of articles to read which relate to my dissertation. I’ve been squirrelling documents since we started back this year and it’s time that I took my trusty highlighter out and pick the wheat from the chaff!

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