First participant questionnaires

This week has seen the start of the questionnaire process, I’m actually enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would! The questions seem to be going down well also and I haven’t had to clarify many questions which has been a real bonus. Participants so far have been really great during the questionnaire process and I’m hoping the end of the week will see most of the questionnaires completed. I’m still having a bit of difficulty getting hold of part time individuals, which I anticipated, so will have to come up with some ways of getting hold of hard to reach academic staff.


Questionnaire Design

After carrying out a further two interviews this week I’ve decided that it’s time I started to tackle my questionnaire design head on. I’ve been putting it off for a while because I know I’m going to want to veer about a bit with me questions. I’m also being overly analytical in how I phrase my questions because I really don’t want my questionnaire to influence the answers I get back. I’ve started to put it together and am already doubting my questions and if they’re really going to result in the kind of answers I need. I’m going to give one of the students on last years MA an email to see if she wouldn’t mind looking over mine, maybe I’m being paranoid but I know getting this right is a big factor in my project!