Likert-Type Scales Resource

Found this fantastic resource which really helped on the questionnaire design for my research project. It suggests response anchors for using in likert type questions, found it really valuable so wanted to share.

Vagias, W.M., 2006. Likert-type scale response anchors. Clemson International Institute for Tourism & Research Development, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. Clemson University.


Shaping Informed Consent Forms

As part of our recent revised research proposal submission we were also asked to include samples of the informed consent forms and information sheets that we would use as part of our project.

The forms I submitted as part of the revised proposal were a combination of what I ideally wanted to include and elements of forms I had seen used previously. This included specific tick boxes next to short statements which contributors would need to complete. I had also used these forms as an opportunity to let participants know that interviews would be recorded for ease of transcribing at a later date, and that these recordings would be subsequently deleted after documentation.

Working in an area which specialises in user experience means I’m quite aware of the right ways to inform and include people within my research. We’re receiving feedback for this submission shortly so would be good to know if I’m on the right track.