MA Group Presentation

Today I had a presentation in front of the rest of the MA cohort, it actually went a lot better than I thought and I received some really welcome feedback from others in the course. It was really beneficial to hear how everyone’s getting along and reassuring to know that we all share the same worries regarding the final write up stage. This is still the final stumbling block for me, I’ve got one more transcription to write up before I continue writing up. At this point in time I’m contemplating starting again with my write up, the structure I’ve put in place for my dissertation so far seems to be limiting me so I may well start again! Meeting for a tutorial with one of the MA students from last year to get my head around the writing up!



Really pleased to be part of this years ALTC2013 conference. A colleague and I delivered a presentation about using Google+ Communities to assist with collaborative arts based learning. We felt the presentation went really well and some interesting discussions around peer review and digital identity as a result.


This was the first time I’d attended an ALT conference and I would like to think it’s not my last. The “It’s all about the learner” theme is something I’m greatly passionate about and I’d love the change to attend the event last year to share ideas and research with other individuals who work in the same field as myself.

I’m in the process of documenting some of the interesting and appealing presentations I attended. When I do I shall post the link but for now Twitter is a brilliant place to review the discussions that took place over the three days, it was continually trending in the UK through the duration of the conference.