Dissertation Meeting

This week I had a really useful meeting with my second supervisor as I had started this week getting a format for my dissertation together. This step has been instrumental in making me feel a lot more organised with the whole process. I’ve started organising literature I’ve found within this structure and am already starting to draw similarities between the different components. All in all quite positive. Still have a lot more reading to do, a questionnaire to finish designing and an interview to transcribe. Should be a busy week!


Start of the MA Year

photoLast week we had our first session for the final year of MA Creative Education. It was really nice to see some familiar faces around the room as we start off on this journey to complete our research projects.

I don’t think I’m the only one when I say I’m a bit daunted about what the next 12 months will bring. As we sat listening to deadlines and assessment requirements I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous, is my question too broad? Can I do this? Is there enough time? Is my area valid? I could sense that some others in the room were feeling this too! What ended the session in the most reassuring way was having a student from last years MA come in and put our minds at ease and in a way has reinvigorated me for the next stage in the course. Do I still doubt my project, yes, but I guess that’s only natural!

Right time to get cracking on! The picture that accompanies this post is one where I’m working now, not sure if you can see but I have a blank page on my laptop, I really feel at the beginning! Here goes!