Shaping my area of research

Have decided the next lot of articles I need to look at should be the following:

  • Bringing academics on board : Encouraging institution- wide diffusion of e-learning environments Institutional context for the research
  • The Human Side of School Change: Reform, Resistance and the Real-life Problems of Innovation
  • On the cusp of change: examining pre-service teachers’ beliefs about ICT and envisioning the digital classroom of the future
  • Learning to Change: Teaching Beyond Subjects and Standards (Google eBook)
  • Determinants of Perceived Ease of Use:Integrating Control, Intrinsic Motivation, and Emotion into the Technology Acceptance Model

I’ve already looked at some of these texts in the past but would help to look at this stage to clarify the route I’m going to take for my MA.


Mendeley Folders

I’ve only been using Mendeley for what feels like a short time, maybe a year at most, but already it’s been a really valuable tool. Sometimes when I stumble across articles I get exciting thinking they’re just what I’m after and need for my work, then when I read them I find that actually they only just touch my area of interest.


Mendeley has proved invaluable at helping me sort out what feels like piles of potential articles. I’ve put a folder system in place within Mendeley which has helped me whittle down what articles I should be looking at, the fact you can highlight and annotate texts has also been really useful. Hopefully the next job for me to help steer the direction of my research is to choose which articles to look into further which I feel will be of use.