EdMedia 2014

The EdMedia World conference on Educational Media and Technology is an annual event hosted by the AACE (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education). This years conference had delegates for 61 countries in attendance.


As part of the conference Educational Technology at Falmouth University in collaboration with Jarno Tolonen from Education Technology Services at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland, had a submitted paper accepted for presentation. The paper addressed the theme “New roles of the instructor and learner” and is titled: “Empowering the Learning Event: New Roles for Learning and Teaching”.

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Some further reading

How I haven’t stumbled across Dr Bart Rienties before I’m not sure but I’m so glad I have now, some of his research really relates to areas I’ve looked into in the past. The articles “Why some teachers easily learn to use a new virtual learning environment: a technology acceptance perspective” and “Changing the Educational Beliefs of Teachers through an Interdisciplinary Online Teaching Programme: Are Business Teachers Different from Teachers of other Disciplines?” are really related to the areas I’m looking into for my MA project, can’t wait to read.

Critical perspectives on educational technology

For a recent seminar discussion involving reading and scholarship I came across a interesting blog post by George Veletsianos. In his post George highlighted some readings which critically addressed open education and educational technology.

When discussing educational technology it’s good to have some perspectives which question technology in addition to supporting its use. I have now book marked this resource to read and use in the future. As George mentions in his aside;

“The collection of these papers is intended to assist individuals in making informed perspectives on the design and implementation of technology in education. The goal is *not* to label educational technology as problematic or  worse than the alternative. Rather, the goal is to encourage individuals to make informed and socially just decisions.”



Allowing individuals to make informed decisions using a variety of research literature is really valuable within educational technology research.