The Future of Learning in a Networked Society


This week I attended discussion which questioned the role of educators in the future learning society, this discussion prompted me to post about a great documentary I watched over the summer.

Technology is changing the way we learn, we’re using more devices and are becoming increasing connected with the networked society. I feel the way in which we teach should reflect these new ways of learning.

This documentary has been created by Ericsson, I found it interesting as it discusses the Future of Learning in a networked society. (Ericsson envision that there will the 50 billion connected devices in 2020).

This documentary is also informative as it calls on various educational and learning experts to give their thoughts and opinions on the future of learning. I’m not saying that agree with every point being made in the documentary but I feel that it does raise more questions about our networked society, and in addition brings to light different view points and theories.


Don Tapscott


I remember first using Don Tapscott at University where I referenced his book “Wikinomics” within my dissertation. At the time I was writing about Citizen Journalism and collective news reporting and I found the social theories he discusses very relevant to my work at the time.

In the Huffington Post today Don has written an article titled Discovery Learning is the New Higher Education. In this article Don discusses the concept of a Global Network for Higher Learning where the University is part of a network and not a tower. He suggests students need an interactive education; “They need to tailor the education to their students’ individual learning styles”. These ideals closely relate to Christian Dalsgaard’s article “Social software: E-learning beyond learning management systems” which I reviewed recently for my first PGCHE assignment.

Developing an education where students are interactive is something I’m passionate about and I recommend looking at Don’s site for more of his discussions relating to social innovation and technology.