App Attack


Choosing the right apps that work for you is dependant on personal preference, what can work for one individual doesn’t necessarily work for another. As time goes on more and more apps are being created, developed and used and it’s important to find the right set of tools that fit the job. On a few occasions I have been asked what apps I find useful to use within higher education so I thought I’d run through a few here and the reasons why I like them. This is a totally personal choice and by no means am I expecting everyone to like them, but they work for me and are free so thought I’d share!

Please add any apps which you feel are worth mentioning.


This is a great “to-do-list” app, great for jotting down tasks or shopping lists. You can sync the web version with ipad and iphone (also available for android) which is great for when you’re on the go. You’re able to share list with collaborators which is another bonus with this app. I think the thing that makes it really usable for me is the easy to use layout, it’s really intuitive and really doesn’t take long to get the hang of.


This app is great for those who are already using the service, you can then integrate your drop box account with your mobile devices meaning you have instant access to all your files. Again the app is really intuitive and easy to use, it also allows you to search from within your drop box. Great for when you want to have your files with you.


I’ve only started using EasyBib recently but it’s a great resource for compiling your referenced material. You can search for a book manually or simply scan the barcode and EasyBib will add the book to your reference list which can then be exported via e-mail. Downside with this app is that it doesn’t include the Harvard citation style, if this could be added to the app I could it becoming more popular. But on the whole I great timesaving product.

Google Drive

Day to day I store many of my documents on my Google Drive. This app allows me to take my documents with me, similarly to the drop box app. You can also edit using the app which is another bonus. Again it’s very intuitive to use and allows you too see documents clearly and concisely, it works really well with the web version also.


Skype is a brilliant tool for communicating with others, mainly I use it as an instant messaging tool amongst colleagues, whenever I’m out and about I like to still keep in touch and be available, the Skype app allows this to happen through my mobile devices. I’ve been using Skype on my ipad for sometime now, I know some people have mentioned that they can’t seem to enjoy typing on the ipad but this is something I haven’t had difficulty with. You can use the settings within Skype to turn off certain sound notifications if you wish the application to be more discrete, as I don’t have a mobile office phone Skype has been great when I’ve been in various locations.


This I can image would be a fairly universal app which features on many individuals mobile devices. It’s a nice minimal version of the web app and does exactly what you need it to. There are many variations of twitter apps available but I still find this to be the best one for me.