Sem 1 – Reading and Scholarship

1. Read/review two presentations or articles about educational research in your subject area or field of interest.

2. Post a 500 word response outlining key ways in which the presenters/writers provide perspectives on the research process.

3. Engage in discussion to explore areas of overlapping interest and any foliow-up sharing of resources.

In your critical examination of the articles you might consider issues around:

The focus of the research

The information provided about the methods of research employed

The main sources of data listed by the authors and how they gained access to them

The positioning of this research within the broader literature

The concepts used in analysing the data

Assessment of the claims made in the research – does the evidence support the claims, are there any alternative interpretations?

How the article/focus/claims has (or has not) informed the development of your own research questions


Post reviews by 18th November 2013

Discussion responses until 24th November 2013



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