Observation 1 – Turnitin

My first observation was on the 28th November and was completed by Caroline Cash. The session was an introduction to the text matching software Turnitin, currently implemented on the University’s VLE (Learning Space). This session was primarily for design students who would be using the software as part of an upcoming hand in.

For this session I used the Learning Space to demonstrate Turnitin, I also played and accompanying video. I did not use any hand out material, although I did direct students to our department support site, where further information regarding Turnitin has been included; which I produced. I have attached a copy of accompanying information below in addition to the peer observation form. I took a few notes with me into the session I have also included these below.

Turnitin – Design Students

Key information:

Turnitin References:

  • 20 Billion Web Pages
  • 220 Million Student Papers
  • 90,000 Publications
  • In addition to millions of books and other publications.
  • Turnitin reference database increases on a daily basis.

We use Turnitin here at the University. But it’s just as much a tool for you to help with referencing as it is for staff to identify text matching. Where else can you have references checked and rechecked.

Show students where there assignment lives – Navigate through to the HACS area and show the students where there practice and final assignment hand ins are located.

Highlight the fact that not all subject areas for practice submission, take advantage!

Show the video – This will highlight step by step how to upload from a student user perspective. (Turnitin Video)

Show examples of originality reports and how to access them – Navigate to Turnitin demonstration area. Here there are examples which have been censored. 3 Very different examples have been used which highlight some accidental text matching as well as blatant text matching. End with the good example.

Allow Sue to talk about examples – Relates my talk back to Design programme.

Questions? – Answer any questions.


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