Managing & Assessing Group Work

The theme in this session involved discussing various practices in relation to group work. All individuals within the PGCHE session all have differing experiences and examples of how group work is being utilised in our subject areas.

We had a discussion among ourselves about what group work is, and when/how are they used within taught sessions. Personally in the past I’ve been taught and assessed as part of the group, and while I understand the importance of working together and in a team, the experiences I had with group work settings have on only a handful of occasions being successful. That’s not to say that in other educational settings this would be the same.

We also discussed how you assess group work, and what exactly is being assessed. The process or the product? In many professional contexts elements of group working is inevitable and so this element is important, however in an educational context it’s more commonly the product which is assessed, should the process affect this assessment?

The session presented various opinions where group working is very beneficial and I’d maintain that it all depends on the outcome as to whether group working and assessment should be used.


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