Introduction to research methods

The Diploma stage of the MA Creative Education (PGDip) provides a grounding in scholarship and research in education and is appropriate for all educational levels.  The Diploma provides the foundation for you to embark on your own one-year educational research project in the final stage of the MA in Creative Education.”

Introduction to research methods – 7th November

As part of the PGDip we will have to attend 6 days of taught sessions to accompany the course. This module started with two days of taught sessions covering different elements relating to the course.

The first session was an introduction to research methods. For me personally it allowed me to think of the work I’m creating a new light. Instead of allowing you to reflect and improve your teaching the course is now more focused on us a researchers and the work we can do within our individual fields.

We were also introduced to the assessment methods in place in this module. 50% of our module mark would come from forum discussions and interactions through the learning environment, an area I’m quite comfortable in. The second part of the assessed mark will come from an assignment due towards the end of the module.

We touched an a variety of research issues within the first session including values, types of research and research modules. Looking forward to getting started!


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