Students are ultimately at University to learn. However with jobs becoming ever harder to secure post graduation an understanding of employability should be taken into consideration while studying.

University’s are concentrating more on the employability of their students. Setting yourself apart from other graduates of similar subject disciplines can really help when it comes to employment. This shift in mindset means employability is becoming more ingrained in the curriculum.

When I was studying for my degree we were expected to complete a work placement as part of our studies. And while we had to write a report based on our experiences, the placement itself helped me in more ways than the report. It was something I could write on my CV, some relevant experience that I had undertaken.

Students are more work ready in todays higher education institutions. Seminars on self employment and professional practice are more common than they used to be, again reflecting the importance of employability within higher education.

Surveys such as DLHE (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education) aim to question gradates 6 months after leaving University to see establish their employment status or any further courses they are studying.

Employability is a large part of the educational process and any way we as educators can make our students more employable can only been seen as a positive measure.


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