Critical reading

Critical reading seminar series

50% weighting for module

Work required:

Online seminar discussion

The aim of this exercise is to engage in discourse around selected texts/resources, sharing ideas, perspectives and understandings. The exercise is intended to provide opportunity for collaborative engagement in scholarship and introduce you to literature that may inform your own research. Please sign up to a seminar date on the PGDip Learning Space for Module EDU150

  1. You will prepare an online seminar/review of a selected a text or other research resource to share with the PGDip group. The selected resource should be one that informs your own area of pedagogic interest or explores a key area of educational policy. There is no limit on the size of the text, but you may need to select a key section for others to read if it is a whole book.
  2. Share the selected resource or reading with PGDip participants via the discussion forum on the PGDip Learning Space. This may be via a link to a journal article or text, or an authorised scanned section (discuss any scanning with module leader)
  3. Create a 5 minute critical presentation of your chosen reading to instigate online seminar discussion. This can be an audio or video presentation, or a voice-over PowerPoint – or any variation of audio and visual presentation. Upload this to LearningSpace for participants to access.
  4. Pose some ‘starter questions’ to seed discussion.
  5. Engage with a critical review of the reading/resources shared by other participants on the discussion forum of the PGDip Learning Space.
  6. Keep a personal record of the seminar discussion that you lead for your PGDip portfolio of work.

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