Assignment 8 – Synoptic Activity

EDU130 – Learning Environments in Creative and Academic Practices

Assignment 8 – Synoptic development of learning and teaching activity

This assignment allows for a synoptic review of the aspects of learning and teaching covered throughout the PGCHE course. Ideally it will cover an aspect of teaching, curriculum design, student support or resource development that you intend to implement in the coming academic year.

Work required:

i)      Identify an aspect of practice that might be improved or developed through the production of additional teaching materials. This aspect of practice should be explored through a report examining the student learning experience – both pedagogic and environmental – and the obstacles to and opportunities for a better learning experience. The report should conclude with recommendations supporting your development work. (approximately 2000 words or equivalent)

ii)     In response to the conclusions of your report you should develop materials for teaching –engaging with considerations of technology-enhanced learning gained during the EDU130 study week. (approximately 700 words max or equivalent).


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