Assignment 6 – Professional Practice

EDU120 Teaching in Practices

 Assignment 6 – Professional Practice Presentations

Work required: This is an inquiry-based task with a number of components.

  • Sections 1 & 2 require you to work with a PGCHE colleague
  • Section 3 provides evidence for your PGCHE teaching portfolio.
  1. In pairs, explore the links between professional practice and how this influences your teaching. Interview each other and seek to identify the key aspects that construct a meaningful professionally-informed activity in your respective subject areas. You may wish to draw on particular policies or theories to inform your discussion. You may use library and on-line resources to guide and inform your discussion.
  1. Together prepare a 10 minute visual presentation on your shared perspectives (comparing and contrasting the ways in which your professional perspectives inform your teaching). You will give these presentations during the session on 1st May 2013 and 8th May 2013
  1. Written component (2000 words or equivalent):

Individually write up/record your discussion and presentation notes from the practical exercise (presentation) above (include illustrative/contextual material as appropriate). You may do this by using the ‘notes page’ view of your PowerPoint or annotating your visual presentation. Hand-in to Academic Office by 5pm on 22nd May 2013.

You may wish to explore how professional practice and teaching are integrated in your subject area through:

      • Award or module guides (including level of study)
      • Links with professional organisations.
      • Summary notes of discussion with Award Leaders, Lecturers, Mentors or industry/practice professionals about approaches to teaching practice, theory and research.
      • Summary notes of discussion with your students/colleagues about their understandings and experiences of practice, theory and research.

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