Assignment 5 – Create an Inclusive Learning & Teaching Experience

EDU120 Teaching in Practice

Assignment 5: Creating an inclusive learning and teaching experience

Interim Deadline: Wednesday 10th April 2013 – uploaded to LearningSpace

Key reference texts and resources are available on the Learning Space

Work required:

Using the template Creating an Inclusive Learning & Teaching Experience explore how you develop and apply inclusive practice in your own context or subject area.

Do this by choosing a particular example of a teaching/support activity and reflect on how you might ensure that you provide an inclusive environment for learning and comply with the Equality legislation. (1000 words)

You may wish to approach this through consideration of one or more of the following (and using examples from your own experience):

  • Making difficult subjects accessible – how you meet specific needs particularly with reference to more abstract or difficult aspects of your subject area.
  • Using a theoretical approach to teaching – how you develop resources to enhance support for students with particular learning needs e.g. through the use of visual resources or computer aided technology.
  • Curriculum design – how does/could your subject curriculum allows students to appreciate and understand a range of culturally diverse perspectives?
  • Environment – how does your teaching environment facilitate access to learning from a diverse body of students?

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