Assignment 4 – Employability Wiki

Work required:  500 word (approx.) contribution to a good practice guide on Employability in creative subjects and poster presentation

This good practice guide will take the form of a wiki contribution on the PGCHE Learning Space.

This wiki is a collaborative document that all PGCHE participants may add to and comment on. You will be randomly assigned a topic from the list below. Please reflect on this from the perspective of your own role and subject area, and also please feel free to comment on others’ contributions.

Each participant will take one aspect of Employability and post on the wiki (500 words)

  • What is ‘in it’ for employers to engage with student placements?

Once all contributions have been received you will review the completed document and summarise aspects that hold most importance for you and your subject area. From your selected key points you will create an A3 sized poster intended to inform colleagues, employers and/or students about key issues of employability in your subject area. This will be displayed and critiqued at the PGCHE session on 22nd May 2013.

Submission date:

  • The wiki should be completed by 20th March 2012 and will be peer assessed during the session on 10th April 2013
  • Please bring a copy of your poster to be displayed and critiqued on 22nd May during the PGCHE session. Please bring an electronic copy of your poster on cd for submission.
  • Your poster and a copy of your 500 word contribution to the wiki should be included in your teaching portfolio for final submission in August.

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