Assignment 3 – Microteach & Contextual Review

HET101 Teaching and Learning in Creative and Academic Practices in HE

 Assignment 3 – Planning and delivering a micro-teach

Micro-teach sessions

9th, 16th and 23rd January 2013

Work required:

15 minute (maximum) micro-teach of a learning activity, event or experience related to your subject area. (Micro-teach is a mini-lesson) accompanied by your planning rationale.

Your micro-teach will be a 15 minute learning event that will give participants an insight into your subject specialism and the way in which you teach it.   You will deliver this bite-size learning activity to fellow PGCHE participants who will give you summary feedback of their experience as students of your micro-teach. Your micro-teach will be videoed in order to inform your reflection – the video will only be viewed by the Course Leader and you.

Your micro-teach must be supported by documented contextual notes (including your session plan) to be included in your PGCHE portfolio. These notes will be submitted for module assessment on 13th February 2013

These contextual notes should include:

  • Aim of the micro-teach session
  • Learning objectives – what participants should know, be able to do or understand at the end of the micro-teach.
  • Introduction – how it fits into the wider curriculum
  • Handouts/resources required for the session and, where appropriate, use of technology.
  • Some way of measuring participants’ understanding of the session
  • The opportunities it provides for developing self-directed learning – how students may use the knowledge gained.
  • Models of practice or theoretical foundations for your approach to teaching this session
  • A reflective response to feedback and review of the session.

Remember, you only have 15 minutes, so do not try to be over-ambitious as to what you can put across in that short time.

Successful conclusion of this assignment will allow you to demonstrate:

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • The subject material
  • Appropriate methods for teaching and learning in the subject area and at the level of the academic programme
  • Use of appropriate learning technologies.
  • Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of teaching.
  • How students learn, both generally and in the subject

Skills/the ability to:

  • Design and plan learning activities and/or programmes of study
  • Teach and/or support learning
  • Apply research to develop innovative and contextualized teaching methods and/or environments.
  • Teach and/or support learning through research and scholarship.
  • Critically integrate scholarship, research and professional activities within teaching and supporting learning.
  • Develop effective environments and student support and guidance.
  • Communicate effectively in a range of contexts
  • Demonstrate the use of ICT in the planning and development of teaching and learning
  • Reflect to support and inform the development of professional practice

Submission date: Supporting materials, handouts, rationale and reflective review to be included in portfolio for module submission on 13th February 2013

Planning and delivering a micro-teach – HET101_3:

Lesson Plan:

Quiz Handout:




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