Assignment 2 – Assessment Cycle Critical Evaluation

HET101 Teaching and Learning in Creative and Academic Practices in HE

Assignment 2 – Supporting assessment and feedback

During unit HET101 of the PGCHE you will have been introduced to the principles of enhancing opportunities for learning through assessment. In addition you will have been introduced to the notion of ‘curriculum alignment’ in which assessment plays a key part of the whole learning package.

Work required: A critical evaluation of an assessment task related to your subject area, in the form of an annotated flowchart including explanatory notes demonstrating the learning cycle (1500 words or equivalent).

You may wish to use the Assessment Cycle grid below, or devise your own flowchart. This should be accompanied by relevant exemplar material as appendices (anonymised where necessary).

For this assignment take an example of an assessed task in your subject area and deconstruct it to explain:

  • How it fits into the curriculum
  • What opportunities it provides for furthering learning
  • How feedback is given and acted upon by students
  • How relevant and valid it is to the student experience and discipline expectations
  • How reflection on this assessment task may inform and shape your teaching.

Successful conclusion of this assignment will allow you to demonstrate:

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • Appropriate methods for teaching and learning in the subject area and at the level of the academic programme
  • How students learn, both generally and in the subject
  • Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of teaching

Skills/the ability to:

  • Design and plan learning activities and/or programmes of study
  • Assess and give feedback to learners
  • Evaluate practice and identify continuing professional development
  • Communicate effectively in a range of contexts
  • Demonstrate the use of ICT in the planning and development of teaching and learning
  • Reflect to support and inform the development of professional practice

Submission date: 9th January 2013 – module summative assessment.


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