Assessment & Feedback

In this session we explored different approaches used within education when it came to assessment and feedback. This included diagnostic, formative and summative assessment methods. We also looked at technology and the impact online delivery can have on feedback and assessment.

This session also allowed us to consider the methods of assessment and feedback used in our areas of education. We are shortly to hand in our next assignment which relates very closely to the subject of today’s session.

All assessment methods put in place within an institution are developed in accordance with the QAA code of practice. Following this guide ensures quality and standards are met in regards to academic practice. Section 6 of the code relates directly to assessment of students within Higher Education.

We also looked at Philip Race who has undertaken considerable research regarding feedback within higher education.

Finally we looked at the NUS charter on feedback and assessment, the charter has been created as a result of poor NSS (National Student Survey) scores relating to assessment and feedback within higher education. The charter outlines ten main principals with the aim of tackling the issues highlighted in the NSS. The ten principals are as follows:

1. Formative assessment and feedback should be used throughout the programme

2. Students should have access to face-to-face feedback for at least the first piece of assessment each academic year

3. Receiving feedback should not be exclusive to certain forms of assessment

4. Feedback should be timely

5. Students should be provided with a variety of assessment methods

6. There should be anonymous marking for all summative assessment

7. Students should be able to submit assessment electronically

8. Students should be supported to critique their own work

9. Programme induction should include information on assessment practices and understanding marking criteria

10. Students should be given a choice of format for feedback

Assignment HET101_2 is a critical evaluation of assessment and feedback. As part of this assignment I’m aiming to evaluate an e-assessment method. The areas covered within today’s session should really help underpin this piece of work.


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