Proof Reading!

Finally made it to proof reading stage! 🙂

This weekend really spent a lot of time going over the recommendations that have arisen out of my research. Personally I’m pleasantly surprised how many overlap with current government and education initiatives. I’m really hoping that my project helps to set some of my recommendations into motion as I feel they would make a real difference instiutionally.

One more essay to go and then it’s hand in a week tomorrow!


Final Countdown

Only another few weeks and I’ll be handing in, I’ve spent so many days and evenings frantically typing I’ll be really pleased when I turn up on the 30th November to get my dissertation bound. Currently working through the findings section so spending a lot of time in excel hoping that will be finished this week so I can start on conclusions and recommendations. Not long now!


“Researchers are merely the interpreters between the community they describe and the audience to which they report their findings”

Brannick, T. and Coghlan, D., 2007. In Defence of Being “Native”: The Case for Insider Academic Research. Organizational Research Methods, 10(1), pp.59-74.

Jisc Digital Capability Framework

Wasn’t sure if I’d mentioned this framework yet on my blog, thought it was worth sharing especially as it directly relates to the House of Lords Digital Skills report which was released this year. Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future proposes that it is the responsibility of educational institutions to ensure all graduates are digitally competent.

The Jisc framework sets out the skills that are needed for digital capability, and relates to professional services and administrative departments as well as academics.

Well worth a look –