Interactive Hype Cycle

Really pleased to have stumbled across an interactive representation of Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Education. I’ve only previously known this information to be shown as a diagram to accompany the annual report so it’s really nice to find a fantastic online version developed by the University of Minnesota.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 19.23.34

What’s also brilliant with this version is that it additionally incorporates data from the Horizon report. Filtering is really intuitive and gives a great overview of all the data as a whole.


Ethics Resources – Macfarlane

Looking into writing up the rest of my ethics section this weekend, I’ve already made a small start on this section and can draw upon a lot of the resources I’ve been looking over as part of the research process. Checking my Mendeley references and came across a book that I had earmarked to look at but hadn’t gotten round to yet: Researching with integrity : the ethics of academic enquiry by Bruce Macfarlane.

The book covers ethical research and how to avoid unethical situations in your research, with a specific focus on enquiry in academic settings. My study involves academic participants within an institution and although my role is situated within a professional services capacity I still feel there might be much to gain from this resource.