One of those days when….

It’s been one of those days when you have a really productive meeting with your supervisor and everything starts becoming a lot more clearer! Happy weekend!



ALT Survey – Further Reading

After a supervisor meeting a few weeks ago I was recommended this document to look over. I had come across the ALT survey on the effective use of learning technology in education when it had first been published last Summer, but have to admit that I hadn’t put it on the pile of resources to consider for my study, ironic really given how much it relates to the research I’m doing. Sometime’s it does really pay to have someone outside of your project as they can see an overview of what you’re doing and point you to some really useful articles that come in handy. That’s some more reading sorted for this week!

Talking of ALT I also found out that I’ve been accepted to present a paper at this years conference, this will be the second time I’ve presented and I’m really looking forward to it. ALTc is a really informative conference for those in educational technology, the twitter stream is always really active and is well worth keeping an eye on if you’re unable to attend the event in person.

Data Analysis

Having a look at the moment at the best way I can be analysing my focus group data. I’ve come across a few ways of using frameworks to sort the responses from these sessions but want to be approaching this task in the best way possible.

One book I’m looking at references ‘in-vivo’ as a coding mechanism, which isn’t a term I’ve heard very often. The term itself is referenced to Udo Kelle and so I’ve requested the particular article to see if it’s of reference to my work. The article is titled: Theory Building in Qualitative Research and Computer Programs for the Management of Textual Data. It should be in the library in a few days and I can then see if it’s of relevance to my work.

Supervisor Meeting


Last week I had another really useful meeting with one of my supervisors. During the whole process of my research I have been adaptable to change, I’m quite sporadic in my thinking at the best of times and being constrained to exactly what I had put in my proposal has been a bit stifling especially as my ideas develop and adapt.

The meeting last week really helped with some anxiety about where my project was heading. I’ve been so conscious throughout my project that I should remain totally impartial and to not have any biases that I’ve almost let the very assumptions that subconsciously drive my project take a back seat. Listing these assumptions and seeing where they sit in the grand scheme of my project will really help me in moving the project forward.


Within the next few weeks I hope to have all the transcribing completed for the focus groups I ran with academic and professional services staff. Fortunately I used to have to transcribe as part of an old job so hoping that the typing itself won’t take a very long time. What I do anticipate taking a long time is the sorting of information collected as part of these groups. I’m hoping that during the transcribing process distinct themes will start emerging and should really hope in driving the project forward.