Accepted Article – Professional Development in Education

Really pleased to say that an article that I worked on with Vic Boyd from Glasgow School of Art has been published online. The Professional Development in Education journal accepted an viewpoint piece we submitted earlier this year that discusses how creative practitioner confidence can be developed in an ever changing learning landscape.

The piece was created after Vic and I met at a HEA Conference last year, we discussed many common staff development themes that occur at our respective institutions and decided something needed to be written. Really hope this is the first of many pieces together, Glasgow School of Art are similar in many ways, not least our high rate of staff practitioners, so it would be great to work together again in the future.

Article: Foundation versus innovation: developing creative education practitioner confidence in the complex blended learning landscape


Focus Groups – Academics

Today we had a focus group which included academics who have been taking part in my study. It was interesting to hear discussions arising which addressed how each course viewed the online learning environment. Questions for the focus group were centred on four distinct factor areas: individual, pedagogic, institutional and subject specific.

I’m hoping to have another focus group in the next couple of weeks which ask the same questions but to colleagues from my department, educational technology.

I have yet to transcribe the focus groups but many of the comments were very positive of the virtual learning environment, I’m hoping the focus group with learning technologists might give some insight anecdotally of any negative factors which fall into the areas above.