First participant questionnaires

This week has seen the start of the questionnaire process, I’m actually enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would! The questions seem to be going down well also and I haven’t had to clarify many questions which has been a real bonus. Participants so far have been really great during the questionnaire process and I’m hoping the end of the week will see most of the questionnaires completed. I’m still having a bit of difficulty getting hold of part time individuals, which I anticipated, so will have to come up with some ways of getting hold of hard to reach academic staff.


Emails Gone Out!

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’ve been a bit stagnant of late. After a flurry getting my draft questionnaire together I’m in a bit of a lull! At the moment I have two individuals giving my questionnaire the once over to see if it’s ready to go out. I’ve now sent out emails to the individuals I’d like to participate in my study, which means I really have to get the questionnaire finished by next week. The good thing is I have started to provisionally write up parts of my projects which is making me feel a little less anxious!