Questionnaire Design

After carrying out a further two interviews this week I’ve decided that it’s time I started to tackle my questionnaire design head on. I’ve been putting it off for a while because I know I’m going to want to veer about a bit with me questions. I’m also being overly analytical in how I phrase my questions because I really don’t want my questionnaire to influence the answers I get back. I’ve started to put it together and am already doubting my questions and if they’re really going to result in the kind of answers I need. I’m going to give one of the students on last years MA an email to see if she wouldn’t mind looking over mine, maybe I’m being paranoid but I know getting this right is a big factor in my project!


Speaking to first sample group

Last week I took the plunge and went and discussed my project with my first sample group. The meeting was really informal and I’m positive that the group would like to take part in my project, even if only for the the first stage of data collection. Getting the second group together is going to be a lot harder so I may have to individually track them down and ask them one to one which I’m happy to do, but before that I really need to get my questionnaires finished – task for next week. Have also got another interview pencilled in for next week, data collection is in full swing!

Likert-Type Scales Resource

Found this fantastic resource which really helped on the questionnaire design for my research project. It suggests response anchors for using in likert type questions, found it really valuable so wanted to share.

Vagias, W.M., 2006. Likert-type scale response anchors. Clemson International Institute for Tourism & Research Development, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. Clemson University.

1st Interview and Transcribing

Last week saw me undertake my first interview which I feel went really well. Although I had some predefined questions much of the conversation around my subject naturally came about. I’ve just finished transcribing the interview which brought back memories from TV production days where I’d spent hours logging and transcribing in minute detail!

Happy that I’ve written everything down from the recording and it’s reaffirmed my decision to record audio at the last stage of my data collection. Next week I’m hoping to interview two others before I start distributing my questionnaires. We have a breakfast meeting this week also go will provide a good opportunity to reflect on my data collection to date. All in all happy that I’m very much getting stuck in.

Dissertation Meeting

This week I had a really useful meeting with my second supervisor as I had started this week getting a format for my dissertation together. This step has been instrumental in making me feel a lot more organised with the whole process. I’ve started organising literature I’ve found within this structure and am already starting to draw similarities between the different components. All in all quite positive. Still have a lot more reading to do, a questionnaire to finish designing and an interview to transcribe. Should be a busy week!

Questionnaire Design

This week I’m really needing to get cracking on designing my questionnaire. We had a session just before Christmas where we deconstructed each others questionnaires, however I’ve yet to complete mine. I guess I’m guilty of not being quite ready to tackle the data collection of my project, it will only be a matter of time before I have to jump in so making the questionnaire will prepare me for this.

I am wanting to do an interview prior to the questionnaires to help shape what I wish to ask participants, which I hope to do in the next couple of weeks.