Cathy Davidson – Changing Higher Education to Change the World Webinar

Connected Learning is a brilliant website which discusses the changing shape of education in light of greater connectivity and complexity. Growing social and digital media is allowing educators to develop and enhance learning opportunities available to students – the connected learning experience.


The website regularly hosts and archives webinars with leading educators via Google Hangout. Viewers are requested to interact via Livestream Chat to ask any questions they feel relevant to the discussion.

In this webinar Cathy Davidson gives a presentation titled Changing Higher Education to Change the World, Cathy is a regular speaker on institutional change at universities and in this session she addresses 8 Learning Principles for a Connected Age.

The future of education in light of an ever connected society is something I’m particularly interested in, I found this webinar very interesting to watch and I’ll certainly be looking through the archives to view additional resources from the Connected Learning team.